March 8th Rehearsal Update

Today was a run-through of the whole show.

I heard the single notes as the chorus walks slowly onto to the stage, and then an actor began to speak:

“Dec 14, 2010: A raging fire tore through the upper floors of a huge garment factory in Bangladesh on Tuesday. 25 people have been killed; 22 of them jumped to their deaths.”

It chilled me to remember that such an event could occur twice our very short history. I prepared myself to watch From the Fire’s significant story unfold. In fact, more than one story unfolds in this piece. It is multiple stories; telling tales of people’s lives and different passions. Sisters who adore each other, one has a love interest, one has ambitions to be a shirtwaist designer someday. A girl angers her father because she works on the sabbath, yet she finds solace in being a leader and someone who her peers look up to. A mother graciously accepts her husband’s cousin into their home although
they can not afford to feed another girl…

I am no longer observing bits and pieces of scenes, as I have for so many weeks; hearing the words not of actors, but of characters sharing their lives with us. The beings who brought the factory to life, those who we now remember for the sacrifice of their lives so that we can have safer work environments today.

by Deja Dobbins

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One Response to March 8th Rehearsal Update

  1. Tommy says:

    Great to see that you’re devoting an entire blog to this historic event. It was a sad day but I hope we all learned from it. Keep up the good work.

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